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Brother's Keeper - Elizabeth Finn I liked this book more then The Devil's Pawn, this was more realistic to me and a lot lighter. It has a lot of seamy scenes and its fun, and easy to read. I recommend it.
A few quotes i liked, just a few there is so many...

When she speaks again, she surprises me once more. “Do you
regret me?”

But this is easy. I tell her the truth. “Never.”
“Not even having sex with me? I know you didn’t want to…”
“From nearly the first night you
stayed with me, I wanted to … very much … constantly. But I also
wanted to do what was right for you. I promise making love to you
is not something I could ever regret. On the contrary, it was …
amazing—more than amazing.”

“I’m terrified you may
think this is what you want right now, but you may not a year or two
from now. And that’s a fear I’ll have to live with until I’m sure
you’ve had plenty of time to decide for certain if you want your life
to be with me. But I’ll deal with that. You don’t owe me forever
right now, but God, I hope you’ll give it to me willingly some day.”

I love this man. I’m still in awe of the fact he actually loves me,
too—loves me enough,in fact, to go broke to get back to me.
She told me once that when she was with me she felt like the
beautiful woman she never thought she’d be. I can’t imagine what
could ever make her think she wasn’t beautiful enough for anyone,
least of all me. She’s the beautiful one. The most beautiful one in
the world to me.