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Incendiary: The Premonition Series - Amy A. Bartol I loved this books, they were funny and I mean I really laughed. Evie sometimes annoyed me a little with her willingness to sacrifice her self for others. And everyone was captured at some point except Bunns.
I loved Reed, other guys not so much, Russell was nice but I liked Reed more for Evie.
I didn't understand why is there Russell's POV I thought maybe it was the authors way of telling us that he was the one for Evie in the end, but I don't think that anymore, I think he is just important character in this story and he explains us the things we cannot see from Evies POV. I hope. :)
They had great friends, Bunns, Brownie and Zee are fun and I liked them a lot.
And Brennus, well I simply don't know what to say except GIVE UP!!! I really don't like him.

I cant wait for the next one :)
Is that the last installment or will there be more??