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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn The first thing I liked about this book was mail POV it is a nice change( I read a lot romance novels).
When i started reading it it was hard to be consistent and keep reading it I wanted to quit for now and continue maybe some other time, but I like round numbers, so I thought 30 more pages so that I know where to continue nekst time.

When I continued reading it I couldn't put it down, I read less then half in one sitting. It was very interesting I couldn't see most of the tings coming and absolutely loved it because it wasn't predictable.
I couldn't guess anything because the reader is kept in the dark a lot about many things so you cant even imagine all the possibility's what could happened nekst, and the story is entwined with Amy's diary and both is equally interesting because it puts you in different perspectives. I was very confused and I didn't know who to like.

In first half of the book there is some pretty big surprises. I believed first third of the book that they really loved each other, they just lost their way and drifted apart, I thought in the beginning Nick was a good guy and funny too. And Amy was just a girl looking for love and understanding, and approval of her parents. And that she was happy when she found Nick and love. But as the sorry went on you find out exactly how much they lied to each other and how much is fake but you still have a lot of missing peaces and when you are about to find out a big peace in the middle of the book there is a big turn and you are again left in the dark for awhile.
But new things are brought to attention and once again you wander about everything and everyone?
How much of everything is fake???

A game of delusional mastermind. One big roller coaster...

It is amazing how much they actually know one another when they started paying attention and the amount of planing and determination at some points I even felt sorry for Nick . I don't know who to like anymore and what is real and what is not??
The most dangerous people are the ones that have nothing to lose because they are wiling to risk everything for good enough goal.

‘My wife, she just happens to be the coolest girl I’ve ever met,’ he says. ‘How many guys can say that? I married the coolest girl I ever met.’She is the only person in the world who has the
power to surprise me, you know? Everyone else, I always know what they’re going to say, because everyone says the same thing. We all watch the same shows, we read the same stuff, we recycle everything. But Amy, she is her own perfect person. She just has this power over me.’

‘I want my wife. I want her to be right here.’ He takes a breath. ‘I’m not the best at showing emotion. I know that. But I love her. I need her to be okay. She has to be okay. I have so much to
make up to her.’

Sometimes things don't go exactly the way you plan them no matter how much time you spend planing there is always something that you forget to count on, some little thing you forgot to count on, you let your guard down and in one moment everything changes again...

I think about those early, early days, when we would lie in bed next to each other, naked flesh on cool cotton, and he would just stare at me, one finger tracing my jaw from my chin to my
ear, making me wriggle, that light tickling on my lobe, and then through all the seashell
curves of my ear and into my hairline, and then he’d take hold of one lock of hair, like
he did that very first time we kissed, and pull it all the way to the end and tug twice, gently,
like he was ringing a bell. And he’d say, ‘You are better than any storybook, you are better
than anything anyone could make up.’

To know exactly what I wanted to hear in those notes, to woo me back to her, even to predict
all my wrong moves … the woman knew me cold. Better than anyone in the world, she knew me. All this time I’d thought we were strangers, and it turned out we knew each
other intuitively, in our bones, in our blood. It was kind of romantic. Catastrophically romantic

‘You two are the most fucked-up people I have ever met, and I specialize in fucked-up people.’

All in all it is amazing story and definitely worth reading :)
I absolutely loved it.