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The Bet - Rachel Van Dyken This book is hilarious, so good. Light and fun.

“If you ask me to spoon you, I’m going
to smother you with my pillow,” he
“Please, like I want your favorite appendage
anywhere near my body.”
“Keep telling yourself that, Kace.”
“Night, Satan.”
“Night, sweetie.”

She went to the shower and
turned it on. Steaming water came pouring
out. Perfection. Within two seconds she was
stripped and in the shower, dreaming of bacon
and scalding coffee.
Which was why she didn’t hear the door
open. Or Travis’s voice when he asked if she
was okay.
Or the shriek that came from him when
he slipped on her thong and grabbed the
shower curtain on the way to the floor.
Naked. Gloriously naked. No doubt, he
was going to be a little upset over the fact
that she’d left more than her musk behind.
Travis cursed, for a great while, and
then finally set his eyes on her. All of her.
Following his lead, she cursed like a sailor.
His eyes scanned her boldly without
shame. They sat in silence, neither of them
wanting to make the first move, or even to
breathe, it seemed.
“What the hell!” A male voice roared.
Horrified, Kacey looked up into murderous
green eyes and gulped. “ Hi, Jake.”

“That,” he said as he kissed her nose. “Is
a shame. You should be told you’re beautiful
every day. Because every day it’s true, and
every time I see you, you grow in your
beauty. Just because people don’t say the
words, doesn’t mean it’s any less true, Kace.”

“Where have you been all my life?” she
said, watery-eyed.
“Home,” Travis answered a note of seriousness
in his voice. “I’ve been home, waiting
for you.”