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Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas My God, this book was so strange, I simply don't know what to think, I don't even know did I like it? Or I didn't? But I know that in the end it made me sad, I just don't understand, I don't even get it, is there have a happy ending or not???

At some point of the book I even liked him a little, but most of it I didn't, it was all more of a mind game and psychological abuse then physical, he simply broke her and then rebuild her again but every time we are broken we lose parts of ourselves. He changed her so she cold fit him.

I felt sorry for her almost entire time, and I felt a little sorry for him too(strange, I know). But lets not bee mistaken he was sick, twisted, really smart perfect monster who can get in your head and manipulate you. But she was psychologist how cold she submit to him so easily and give up when she knew exactly what he was doing. That is why it is so sad to me.

I seriously don't know how to rate this book, I have mixed emotions...