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The Light in the Wound - Christine Brae This book was beautiful,mind blowing!
Its definitely a must read.

I had a feeling like someone was telling a sorry the whole book.
Its a story about Isabel and her two sisters.
But most of all this is a love story.
It was full of happiness, sadness and a lot of love, its written very realistically, characters are not perfect they have their flaws. But you will still love them all.

I was definitely team Alex but this book has a way of changing your mind and just confusing you,
so in the end I didn't know what I wanted.
Jesse, I truly don't know what to write about him I liked him and I didn't and then all over again.

This book will keep you on edge and is not predicable you don't know whats coming (at least I didn't). And who did she chose in the end? I found myself hoping for both of them.

The confusing part is that the end broke my heart. I guess because the sorry was so realistic.

I didn't wrote a review quite some time now, I liked a lot of books that I read but after reading this book I knew I got something to say about it.
I finished reading this book yesterday and I thought a lot about it since then.
This book will touch your heart, I definitely recommend you to read it.

I don't know what to read next that wont disappoint me after this book. :(